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Rails vs Air Travel vs Road Travel

October 25, 2010 1 comment

I traveled to my in-laws today, using one of the oldest modes of Modern Transportation – Indian Railways. Difference being: I, for first time, was thinking on lines of considerable impact Railways have had on socio-economic structure of our societies. There are many aspects to which Railways have made positive impact. Many of them have (surprisingly) already been well documented online. Some of the quite obvious benefits are:
Most green transport option (railways leaving behind least carbon foot print then road or air transport). Another good insight is here.
– Comfort levels offered at compared prices is far higher when Railways are used (equally true for developing and developed nations)
– Best returns for every drop of fuel burnt (can carry tones and tones of freight, without kind of delays exhibited by Ships)
– Amount of social interaction Railways bring in (imagine yourself sipping a tea / coffee with a small kid playing with his grandpa all the way during your trip – you can call it disturbance at times, but it’s a pleasant sight to most am sure). Moreover, it’s such a massive arrangement, that major Railway Stations can well be considered as mini cities.
– Saves time on long haul travels (if you consider for times spent at airports as well).

More insightful benefits are summarized here. Only small message I had to share was: Use Railways. They are good – for your pocket, for society, and for Environment.



Pune – You are Too Good!

August 22, 2010 1 comment

Pune, you are beautiful. And Pune’ites, you too! 🙂
I was there last weekend for Hiring associates for our company. I liked the city – right from the moment I had its first glimpse from inbound flight. Un-crowded, un-cluttered, clean and green. And rest of it was show cased by my dear friend – Atul.

My flight from Delhi took off late (thanks to recent DGCA directive, and then to bad weather). We started at 08:30AM instead of 06:45AM. Though I compensated for it by standing at the flight’s open door and enjoying the drizzle (yes, you can imagine it – it was quite a moment to delve into self). In Air, surprisingly, Indigo guys didn’t served any breakfast – was instead selling it. Blame it on low cost flights – but you always have an option, you choose what you have. I chose to continue reading and then caught a small nap! By around 10AM, we were flying over Pune. A beautiful sight. Green canvas – with some patched boxes in different colors (aka, building structures). This is different from Delhi’s sight from Air. Delhi’s canvas is seeming Dull white if weather isn’t clear, or Dark brown for bare lands for construction work all over the place – with way too many boxes, unstructured, and some green patches here and there. Pune sight was augmented by lineup of Air Fighting machines at Pune Airport – reminded me of my childhood (my father is an Ex-Air-Serviceman).

Pune airport’s structure is small, efficient. I was out of it in flash. Person was already there to escort me to the Hotel. We waited for another member of Panel (who didn’t arrived) and we started our road commute to the Hotel. Took us around 45 mins to reach hotel – and to give first interface with Pune City. Sandeep (driver) is a localite, Marathi – very polite guy. And Pune road – so clean, and surroundings mostly green to best you can see. It’s not world’s best cities to be at, it must be having its problems – but it has and will sustain. Driving habits says a lot for a city’s temperament. I could see other drivers giving way to others, with a smile. It wasn’t following hard coded driving rules – but was satisfying, was interactive while you are on the go. Unlike Delhi – it again doesn’t follow hard coded driving – and isn’t satisfying, is interactive – but negatively (to lead to even bruises at times). Anyways, headed into the Hotel, took over my room, got fresh and was straight at the venue for Hiring. Among some of the candidates I met a guy who was mate from my BIT study Center. I found it awkward to be interviewing him, but carried on with it. Closed the day with a good note, everyone was happy and satisfied with the event. And Atul was reaching me by 7PM. I was on call with Ritu (my wife) when I got to know he’s there. I had his first sight at Hotel’s Lobby – couldn’t notice him in first instance – blame it on my weakening sight, and huge lobby area of the Hotel. We hugged each other, Atul is cheerful, lively and smiling as ever – it’s good to be around him (wish a lucky lady too realize this soon enough). He chose to have only plain water at my room – we chatted for small bits, criticized our salaries, and how we are doing so far, and off we go to hit the road.

Atul drives well, he is a considerate and humble individual – and that shows in his driving. We drove all across the City – through Malls, through residential sectors, through Industrial sectors. Difference and similarities were quite visible. Industrial sectors were all covered, with greeneries – think they understand their responsibilities towards environment quite well. Residential Sectors are a testimony how they should be – pleasing, soothing, quite, and green. Malls and ultra mode sectors were excellent, transport was well diverted and capable of handling bulk shopping seasons. Most importantly, I could see girls strolling within the streets across the city – I presume they were fearless. Bring Delhi’s site in picture for a moment. Anyways, we had a delicious dinner at a well known – yet suitably-priced venue. They were closing it down for the day when we were at its gate – asked the member if he can accommodate us – and he asked us to hop in quickly. Atul dropped me back at the hotel – and on the way we spoke about Management and Education. Atul can be an excellent Sales guy (for ways he shared his passion for Pune and Tata with me), and in Tata’s interest – he shall be considered the budding Manager (at the least). Quite a good conversation, reached hotel, thought of calling Ritu but it was 2AM almost, and fell asleep straight away. Thanks Atul – You Made My Day.

Headed for Airport in the morning. Rest of the members are going to Lonavala. But I chose to be back in Delhi with family – for family. I anyways had seen much of Pune – enough of it for me to be liking it A LOT. Validated my understanding of Delhi’s site on way back – I was right. I ponder upon, and realize how this entire beautiful city thing can pitch in and resolve many problems. Many companies have ventured in Pune, and more are coming. Properties are mostly good quality-wise and yet rightly priced. I am not aware of history, but those who leave places like Pune to be in places like Delhi, Mumbai now – I don’t have words for them. It’s like ignoring and leaving behind a goldmine, the ultimate pleasure. People earn money in Metros and at cost of their lives, at cost of themselves. In the end years (of career), they spend money and time doing Yoga and Meditation. With ailments in their body, souls tampered and hurting. I really wish to call Pune my home some day. For myself, and for my loved one’s.

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