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Dont just do Onsite or Offshoring. Do Walk Around !

Walking around does helps. Tom Peters recommends it. HP has lived it, has its history.

Walking around means getting out of comfort zones, reaching out to your people, clients, vendors – on ground. It mostly means leaving family behind. It means, being emphatic to the clients, concentrating and immersing into the issue at hand which is important for the client. One can talk about an issue over phone, but nothing replaces being in the same room or floor, getting sleeves rolled up and saying “OK, let’s do it”.

Unknowingly, we already do a lot of walking around. For clients, we go onsite, within or across countries and continents. For clients, we get work off-shored.

We do onsite for many reasons – in name of understanding requirements; to (re)negotiate contracts; to earn more money when it comes to individuals. We do offshoring for a combination of reasons which include price, quality, time zone differences, skills. And in both cases, walking around does fit just right in, at centre. If there is an issue, choose to walk in (and not walk out).

For on-sites, understand what’s important for the client, rather than asking what job you would do. Understand how your current task fit into the complete picture. When you are at client site, don’t look at their organization politics (if any), don’t worry about how your delivery engine is working (if troubled or questioned), concentrate and be clear on – what you are here for and how soon you can resolve it! If you understood something incorrectly initially:

  • accept it,
  • apologize,
  • correct it,
  • validate its correct this time,
  • and, apologize again for discomfort caused.

For offshoring, understand why it should be off shored. If its money only and involve a lot of client interaction, say no to it. Offshore markets stand and compete with an unique quality-price proposition – stay away from it if you don’t understand it. Understand how offshore fits into overall delivery engine. If there are problems offshore, walk in (if you are client end person). Sort it before it becomes a delivery issue. Talk to people. Understand and accept their constraints. But remember – what you are here for and how soon you can resolve it! If you are a Manager, remember that you are here to serve and grow. You serve and grow – your people and your clients – and your business grows alongside.

Walking around might cost you on this project, but it will do better for you in long run. You might be saving $800 ticket right now, but you are bound to be losing $800,000 prospective work.
Walking Around does work! Walking Around does help!

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