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Corporate Social Responsibilities and The Art of Living

February 24, 2012 1 comment

Corporate Responsibilities, Social Responsibilities et all are deemed to be very heavy terms. You speak of them and all of sudden the air is heavy, and everybody seems serious. It’s a sense of corporate self-control built into a business model over a period of time. A fair deal of documentation can be referenced here if you like.

And then, there’s The Art of Living. Relaxed, without much of worries, and with a sense of detachment. Though one thing that Art of Living doesn’t teach is to walk away from the trouble and challenging times, and specifically of blaming others for your problems. But sadly Indian Corporate system is seeing a mess of senses of Corporate Social Responsibilities and that of the Art of Living. Am talking of Kingfisher Airlines and Mallya’s here.

The name “Mallya” indeed has now become a synonym to likes of: luxury, lavishness, loud (in good way), swanky life style etc. The name brings to you images of ultra-mod ladies as Flight Stewards and Calendar portraits, theme parties on just every occasion, Tipu Sultan’s Sword, Formula One Racing, glamour studded IPL matches, expensive bars and what not.

And think of Kingfisher Airlines now. Think of its Pilots, Support and ground staff who might not have received salaries for some time by now. Think of their suppliers who might be in trouble for their long dues on the Airliner – not just Fuel suppliers, banks, Air Traffic Controllers etc – but also likes of spare, transporter and food suppliers, who are very small to put any sort of pressure on an “air liner”. Image is indeed dull and uninspiring as of now. Almost every single Government body is after Kingfisher for its dues. And don’t forget the Aircrafts its using are on lease / rent, not purchased.

Every business (just like an individual) can have a low and high. But amidst of all this, what surprises is the fact that someone as rich as like Vijay Mallya is not doing much about it but blaming others. Pick up every single of his last few statements on the topic and you will find accusations on Air Traffic Controllers, Banks, Fuel Prices, Income Tax etc. Why? If one is responsible enough, he would pay taxes on time. If one has planned well, he would keep some buffers in the costing and would settle out dues in orderly manner. Talk of competition, but is the “price” only weapon to compete. For example, Kingfisher isn’t among the one considered to be very cheap – yet people preferred it many times. True story, I once travelled back from Chennai to Delhi in large size Air India flight, with hardly 25 passengers !

Still, imagine you have a loan of say INR 30Lacs and you go to bank saying you cant pay interest for next one year or more for any reason. Chances are bank will kick you first, then slash a NPA on you, and might even set up your loan to Auction for recovery. That’s when you are paying all dues on time and have a dependent family. But Banks are generous enough to large corporations like Kingfisher. They are at brink of losing their lending to Kingfisher, and now deciding to lend more so that the bad news can be deferred or delayed for some time. I think what Income Tax Department has done recently is very right. If you haven’t paid in past, without any intimation, then one has all right to doubt you for future as well.

Indeed the Air Traffic Industry is not in very good state. But when companies like Air India and Kingfisher Airlines demand for Government bail outs, they basically are asking for money that Income Tax Payers have paid. Basically, you think we should first pay for our travel so you are profitable, and then pay to keep you afloat just because you couldn’t manage the “variables” in your business. How about Kingfisher and Air India offering discounts to general masses in lieu of the funds received despite being a NPA now !?

Well, if you really want to settle this out, this is how you do it – you work for it. Start skipping the parties, and concentrate on your business. Your socializing is good enough only till the time you are King of Good Times. If no body is getting seen along side with you in your troubled times, then that’s a strong sign. World might not be too difficult to live if we don’t have Kingfisher Airlines or Air India in it, but this jolt might act against the other businesses too. Accept that, and try again to be what we (at least I) have always admired you for – own it up and deliver. Try to understand the true Art of Living. Corporate Social Responsibilities are part of it and not otherwise !


Library vs Shopping Mall

They both are kind-a stress busters – but to completely opposite set of audiences.
How they match up to each other? Read on, and decide on where you should be going next.


Shopping Mall…

Increases your intellectual assets. Decreases your financial assets.
Doesn’t try to sell you something. Sell & Sell – whole idea for mere existence.
Gives you some silent time – a rare thing in today’s world ! Malls and Silence, forget it !
A Mall will haunt you if its silent !
Has a Librarian who isnt bothered about your presence – no mutual interest. Has many Sales people all-around-and-over-you.
Getting advanced to facilitate your quest, better and efficiently. Getting advanced to get more money out of your pockets, surely and efficiently!
Inspires you to get immersed into a topic, a chapter or a page. And that’s for you, only meant to you. Only lets you to see-it-from-far. You can try the outfit, but yet to try to know if its looking pleasant to others.
Should be the place to visit when you feeling low, but generally isnt. Shouldn’t be the place to visit when feeling low, but generally is.
Is a result of a sharing nature, intended to support the poor more. Is a result of monopolistic business nature, intended to take out more of everyone.
Are needed more, but getting extinct. Are needed less, but mushrooming along.
Generally, have no Parking issues ! Says: Parking at owner’s risk !
(if you at all get a slot)

Colours of Life

March 19, 2011 2 comments

Would you paint the World in one colour to make it look anonymous, to make it one! Imagine a world without colours. Imagine a life without colours, and without people of different colours (i.e. behaviours and natures). And then you say what you feel. What I feel?

Black. We use Black as a symbol for something bad, to express agony. Yet fashion hasnt been more crazy for anything else but black! Black weather (rains) is celebrated most in one part of world (especially Indian Subcontinent) and other part see it as a curse (especially EU region). Whole world economy and politics is circumventing around this crude “black” liquid. And it continue to show its best colours (provided another tsunami doesnt come playing the world before we all die naturally).

White. What a soothing effect it has. I think its the second best after golden yellow that’s most close to the glittery and shiny world. But yet it gets dirty at earliest – we know it from recent world wide proceedings. I really dont know what our self-made “country leaders” had in their heads that they decided to ruin rapport of this colour by wearing it head-to-toe. More recently our Land Mafia too have started experimenting with it. But its good in one way – its becoming a sign of whom to be scared from. No wonder they ride in white cars, and with a red light on top of their vehicles to underline the threat!

Green. Such a good picture – in your mind! But how long do you think you can sustain it. Unfortunately and in reality, colour of money is taking over green patches. Dont know how many people know, but green is denoted with being laid back, with being satisfied. No wonder nature doesnt fight back till it has lost almost everything. More recently, there are groups rising up against “so-called” green companies – for they cause more damage then native one’s. Think why developed nations not going for CNG, while India is going after it big time. Just like anything else which is good, this “natural good” colour is scarce too and continuing to diminish.

Red. Aggression is the first word that comes to mind. Think again. Japan has it at centre of its National Flag. That isn’t so by chance. Most revolutions were caused by and lead to this colour. Use it in your advertisement and your intents are wide open. I wont hesitate in saying its the most preserved colour for politics and business – its fierce, and it ought to be it ! No wonder that a rising day starts with red sun..

Yellow. It can close your mind and eyes! Definitely closes mind if a metal bearing it shines hard ! And be ready to laugh hard if you see someone wearing it below waist ! Such an irony that most precious colour wore by ladies, is most infamous colour for the opposite gender. Yet, I really want to ask god one day on why he chose this colour to denote the most shitty thing in this world (at least for human beings). But still, it also denotes sunshine, it brings peace and war, and it brings smile.

Blue. Business and its people presents themselves as being cool and calm and professional by painting self in blue. Its associated to Irish for a good reason, its self assuring. Even god wanted to present himself as cool, no wonder he wrapped us with blue skies. And then us, humans, derived Monday Blues! I always wondered if its because some sadist was really sad about their professional counterparts being in blue.. Generally Hospitals use it, but dont know if its more good for hospital, or if its more bad for us that we have to see the hospital – irrespective of the colour they are wearing.

Now, why there are colours on my mind tonight? Because I was thinking about them. Because I was wondering why our ancestors decided to dedicate an important festival to celebrate colours, i.e. Holi – festival of Colours. I think they wanted us to pause and have a think about colours – those hated and loved one’s, and realize that the world we are in is made of nothing but colours. Same colours are likable and disliked in different context and situations. But its sad that the bad expressions or denominations remain in our minds and good one’s we forget right the next moment. As Bhullar (a dear friend) said recently – human mind is wired to retain bad, and forget good’s. Well, here is the festival to confuse ourselves – to remind the beauty of each colour – and to forget each one’s bad for a change.

I wish you be with your loved one’s, and start enjoying – the colours of life !

On Mercy Killing…

Much has been written and read on Aruna Shanbaug’s recent hearing on legalizing Mercy Killing. Though nothing summarize it better than “Juggle Bandhi” as what’s scribbled here. Thought provoking indeed…

China, Fastest Train, Biggest Dam, and Rest of Us

October 27, 2010 Leave a comment

I was day dreaming of impacts Railways have had on a nation’s economy previously. Around the same time, China was telling the world of its growing capabilities and strength in Railways and an excellent renewable energy source. It announced for its fastest train yet on planet and World’s biggest hydro electric projects, all at same time. This is excellent news, and shall be taken as a wake up call by rest of nations.

Our carbon based fuel sources are getting exploited. One need to utilize better of what’s left of them, and do better at utilizing renewable sources. China is getting excellent at both (which cant be said to be bad – they are doing something, Universally at least). Imagine China leading rest of World in this spectrum, and showing the world how to do it and doing it for them as well – in lieu of mammoth amounts obviously. The news and sidelines (read impacts) of it is detailed well here.

All I can say is: admire what they are doing good, and think about it. What you, as a nation, shall be doing. Congrats to People involved in these projects within China and elsewhere! And I wish more such news breaks out, would be thrilled if its from India.


Vikas Rajput (

Is it all about 75 Decibels?

October 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Mumbai Police allowed Shiv Sena to hold their Rally with an condition that they will keep noise levels less than 50 Decibels. Bala Saheb and his so called Sainik’s couldnt (wouldnt?) behold that. Bala Saheb thinks “They cant limit our voice!”

Its not your voice Mr Bala, its Loud speakers we were worried for. Its not your voice, its your noise. For your age, we arent surprised that you can barely speak,and write mostly these days in your home run Magazine!

And whats your voice? Corruption? Dowry systems? In house violence? Honor Killings? Development of country, or state for that matter? Your voice is: my smaller relative is getting more popular, I want my another relative to do something to outshine him. Who cares Mr Bala? I, personally, see both as nuisances, be it Shiv Sena or MNS. How many support camps you have run for people hit by Natural Disasters? How many social justice campaigns you have pondered upon? What difference you have made to common man’s lives? What am more surprised for is that Mumbai Police is yet to take some action or even react.

We talk of President Ruling in states like Bihar. What’s different about Mumbai? My small midn is yet to understand difference between a Maoist called Bandh or that called by Shiv Sena where households and shopkeepers are beaten up to participate. We had terrorist attacks in Mumbai. We have Sainiks cum uncontrolled mob running all over in Mumbai. Its one of our Financial Hubs. Multi billion diamond-entertainment-shipping-oil mining-financials businesses are driven and directed out of it. And Mumbai Police is mum for all the odds. Why not turn it into a President run state or country? Is there Political will? Is there any ethical will rather?

Work Life Balance

October 14, 2010 Leave a comment

What’s more important? Your Work or Your Life?

To further that, what’s more important?  Your Work or Your most Dear one’s Life?

We had to face a sad and tough time in these past days. One of my blood Uncle lost his wife (my Aunt). She was dear to me, quite a lot. And she wasn’t keeping too well. A small piece of work was prioritized over her Medical attention requirements –which led to delay in Medical procedures by a day. That delay turned crucial and critical, leaving her unconscious all of sudden. It all happened in quick succession and allied travel to Medical facilities proved an overkill.

I hate the idea of offloading my emotions in open. But it was one of those shear moments which a sensible human shall control – but our illusioned preferences overrides, leaving us with nothing but sorrow. What work can be more important than one’s life (provided you are not amongst a noble Doctor or Defence Personnel). What work can be so more important for taking away rightful time of our’s, from none other than our loved one’s. And if one of them leave this abode all of sudden, we regret if we could have spent more time with them. There is no “more time”, there is no “could have”. Moment is now or never.

If you think you are not around or below poverty lines of your country, think again on why you are over working. One might have financial targets – but whom will you benefit with those achieved targets? Imagine for a second you achieving your targets – and loosing your Beneficiary – your most loved one – one who should be getting everything after you have left this world. Open your eyes. Be diligent on reasons whenever you run into a stretch. At every single instance. Challenge yourself and your authorities on what’s the priority. Over work is unavoidable at times, but it cant be every now and then. If it is happening regularly, tell yourself that you are standing with unskilled Managers and people. If you are Manager yourself, go and take some Time Management and Expectations Management courses. If you cant stand your timelines, you are missing something basic.

Every hour more you spend in office is an hour less you spend with one you value most in this world. There are numerous parents and spouses who know nothing more than your nature of work only – they care for none – but they care for you all along, one who was a child, then started working and is too workaholic to ignore health as well. They care for your health, for your well being, for your balance in life. And for heaven’s sake, be with the person when you are at home, and not with the Newspaper or the TV ! If you are among those living afar from your most loved one’s, call them, message them, tell them “You care for them and you miss them” – no fancy words, no fancy hesitations – say that in plain simple mother tongue of your’s. I still regret I never said it all when I was in UK for an year, away from family – only I can do is try best to overcome that while am here – in person. And if there is just one person reading this, so moved to be immediately speaking to his / her loved one’s – then I would think I have achieved another balanced Life!

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