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December 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Vikas Rajput

Vikas S. Rajput (VR), Data and Analytics Professional

Primary Focus Areas

  1. Anything Data – More and more interested in anything Data – Technology / Management Landscape. Am certified for Microsoft SQL Server (MCSE) and Oracle (OCP). Extensive exposure to varied RDBMSs like SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL. From last four years, have been exposed to some of BigData Technologies, specifically Azure DW, MongoDB, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, R etc.
  2. Anything Business & Insights – I started my career in my Father’s workshop – I think. I meddled with Vendors, Suppliers and Clients when I still had school bag at my back, sometimes while being in School Dress (especially on Fridays). And passion to understand and resolve for business insight and decision making started from there. I still ask the question why would a Business Owner be interested in a particular metric? And is that metric good enough, what complements it? How it fits in organization’s overall plan and view? And being in data space, allows me an opportunity to answer some of those obvious questions – from operation, business and process perspective.


When not at job, you might find me facilitating technical/non-technical sessions, enjoying outdoor sports (simply love trekking, rappelling and white water rafting), reading & writing, and cooking. More recently, I have taken some inspiration from my Aussie peers, and started jogging – but its probably a long shot, still. Also, am a vivid traveler at core and have seen & enjoyed somewhat varied situations and places – enjoyed my being at Australia, UK, and loved traveling around to different places like Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), Solan (Himachal), Amarnath (Jammu), Pune (Maharashtra), Bangalore (Karnataka), Chennai (Tamilnadu) etc.

I will appreciate any of your feedback for this blog. Please feel free to comment here or you can email me at If there’s more you want to know, you can visit my profile over Linkedin.

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