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Data Warehousing : Watch out what you Commit !

So what all did you promised while selling that hefty Data Warehousing solution? And was it just a promise, or over-promise? 🙂
Its not uncommon for people to say "We will ensure you have..":
– Rolling operational results mapped to the general ledger (GL)
– An effective compliance for the end-to-end system
– Key performance indicators (KPIs) are identified and implemented as needed by client facing departments like Sales, Marketing, Finance etc. And more importantly, they will all go "into" performance dashboards
– All the customer facing operational processes integrated into one single application / screen (and by the way, this mostly goes unimplemented!).
– All backend, frontend and operations tools will be brought under single licensing control to ease off the licensing procedures
– Server virtualization will be implemented for the DW/BI system. And this new system will be "green." (and both, are seldom understood clearly in DW/BI context)
– Storage management for the DW/BI system made completely automated (auto-extension, auto-allocation, auto-archival and what not!).
– Security rules, roles and responsibilities clearly identified and implemented (and then admin’s made capable of peeking into every single record).
– Long term archiving and recovery requirements for data looking forward 20 years.

If you look at any of the DW books/ toolkits, they talk about the processes and workflow which comprise likes of requirement gathering, designing, delivery, validations etc. But its pivotal to understand that they all are done with a manual intervention and that’s where art (and problem) creeps in. Watch out for what you commit. And remember that principle at every single phase of your delivery.

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