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Handling Challenging Times…

Everybody talks of Industry been through tough and challenging times recently, and progressing into another slow down. But that’s too vast a situation. But I believe in thinking individually. You either have a job at hand or don’t. And you either enjoy the job at hand or don’t. Statistics and percentages are for Government, and they are never out of their paying job !

Problems also creep in when you are doing something “un-enjoyable” for a long slot. Chances are you wont do your best, with peers and/or leads being unhappy about it. Now, that’s too challenging / rough times in a way – you being into something that you don’t like, and which you don’t have much control upon !

What do you do then? Start saying no to everything that comes your way (that you don’t want)? Or, Switch? Well here’s the news. Switch doesn’t happen over-night. And with you saying no, chances are you would soon be shown the way out, or worst, be put on to PIP (performance improvement plan).

From aforementioned context, seems odds are all lined up against you (or who-so-ever been in such state). Well; no, that’s not the case. You have some good options which you can try:

1. Remind yourself that its just a patch and will sooner or later be over. As an employee you always have an option to quit, but real joy is in succeeding against all the odds ! Think about the fact what you would have done if you owned the “task” as its real owner.

2. Remind yourself that what you are delivering is probably not your best. And that, there are people who would be ready to do the same job, and yet it will be an upgrade for them (in some cases at least).

3. Talk about the situation with someone who can do something about it. Don’t warm up your phone receivers, or spill coffee in the corridors cribbing about what you are doing and how bad it is. They can’t do anything about it ! And believe me, same message would be something else when it eventually reaches someone who should have been approached in the first instance.

4. Take some time out, at least weekly if not daily. Go over your “wow” moments from the past. Remind yourself that people did appreciated you and your work. And if that happened, chances are that it happened because you took interest in what you were doing. And importantly, remember that if you can “fake” your interest to yourself, you would be back bang-on. 

5. Dont miss out any opportunity to take time off, not deliberate or sick-time-off’s (unless genuine obviously). Enjoy your time. Its generally being said (but hardest to follow), keep your love-life and work-life separate. That’s a really good thing if you can manage for that, atleast attempt at it (its another story though that am till struggling for this last statement). Spend time with your loved one’s. Spend time with someone who appreciates your time – be it from family or at any charity. You will cherish such moments, I can really tell you that !

Now, I am not a Psychologist or an HR pro talking about it. Am talking from my own experiences (Yes, am open to admit that I had some challenging times too, am sure everyone had). And am sure there are more good things that people (i.e. You) would have tried themselves. I will be obliged if you have anything to add to the listing.

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