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Colours of Life

Would you paint the World in one colour to make it look anonymous, to make it one! Imagine a world without colours. Imagine a life without colours, and without people of different colours (i.e. behaviours and natures). And then you say what you feel. What I feel?

Black. We use Black as a symbol for something bad, to express agony. Yet fashion hasnt been more crazy for anything else but black! Black weather (rains) is celebrated most in one part of world (especially Indian Subcontinent) and other part see it as a curse (especially EU region). Whole world economy and politics is circumventing around this crude “black” liquid. And it continue to show its best colours (provided another tsunami doesnt come playing the world before we all die naturally).

White. What a soothing effect it has. I think its the second best after golden yellow that’s most close to the glittery and shiny world. But yet it gets dirty at earliest – we know it from recent world wide proceedings. I really dont know what our self-made “country leaders” had in their heads that they decided to ruin rapport of this colour by wearing it head-to-toe. More recently our Land Mafia too have started experimenting with it. But its good in one way – its becoming a sign of whom to be scared from. No wonder they ride in white cars, and with a red light on top of their vehicles to underline the threat!

Green. Such a good picture – in your mind! But how long do you think you can sustain it. Unfortunately and in reality, colour of money is taking over green patches. Dont know how many people know, but green is denoted with being laid back, with being satisfied. No wonder nature doesnt fight back till it has lost almost everything. More recently, there are groups rising up against “so-called” green companies – for they cause more damage then native one’s. Think why developed nations not going for CNG, while India is going after it big time. Just like anything else which is good, this “natural good” colour is scarce too and continuing to diminish.

Red. Aggression is the first word that comes to mind. Think again. Japan has it at centre of its National Flag. That isn’t so by chance. Most revolutions were caused by and lead to this colour. Use it in your advertisement and your intents are wide open. I wont hesitate in saying its the most preserved colour for politics and business – its fierce, and it ought to be it ! No wonder that a rising day starts with red sun..

Yellow. It can close your mind and eyes! Definitely closes mind if a metal bearing it shines hard ! And be ready to laugh hard if you see someone wearing it below waist ! Such an irony that most precious colour wore by ladies, is most infamous colour for the opposite gender. Yet, I really want to ask god one day on why he chose this colour to denote the most shitty thing in this world (at least for human beings). But still, it also denotes sunshine, it brings peace and war, and it brings smile.

Blue. Business and its people presents themselves as being cool and calm and professional by painting self in blue. Its associated to Irish for a good reason, its self assuring. Even god wanted to present himself as cool, no wonder he wrapped us with blue skies. And then us, humans, derived Monday Blues! I always wondered if its because some sadist was really sad about their professional counterparts being in blue.. Generally Hospitals use it, but dont know if its more good for hospital, or if its more bad for us that we have to see the hospital – irrespective of the colour they are wearing.

Now, why there are colours on my mind tonight? Because I was thinking about them. Because I was wondering why our ancestors decided to dedicate an important festival to celebrate colours, i.e. Holi – festival of Colours. I think they wanted us to pause and have a think about colours – those hated and loved one’s, and realize that the world we are in is made of nothing but colours. Same colours are likable and disliked in different context and situations. But its sad that the bad expressions or denominations remain in our minds and good one’s we forget right the next moment. As Bhullar (a dear friend) said recently – human mind is wired to retain bad, and forget good’s. Well, here is the festival to confuse ourselves – to remind the beauty of each colour – and to forget each one’s bad for a change.

I wish you be with your loved one’s, and start enjoying – the colours of life !

  1. March 20, 2011 at 6:56 am

    good one. happy holi.

    • Vikas Rajput
      March 20, 2011 at 12:02 pm

      Thanks.. And Wishing a very Happy Holi to you and your loved one’s too… 🙂

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