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How about being Intelligent, Emotionally :-)

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a full fledged stream of study and considered as part for Psychological Studies.

EI is about deciphering emotions, using emotions (knowing and motives) correctly, understanding others emotions, and above all managing emotions. It has great applications, though what interests me most is that it can help in understanding self, your goals, intentions, sensing other’s unsaid words & intuitions, responses and behavior towards a situation. And more importantly that it lets you understand it for others too, about their feelings and driver (knowing is winning, as its said in Management). There is a common interpretation which is hugely wrong, EI is not about manipulating things / people in your advantage, its about understanding all aspects so as to be better aware and reaching right decisions.

There are some great resources which can be referenced, specifically:


EI: What it is and why it matters

How EI can help in:

Management: Imagine all your team members and clients seeing you as a tough yet empathetic leader. All knowing that they can do everything and will go out of their ways to resolve issues at hand, and also knowing that they can approach you if they are failing, and you have some way or other to find the answers (doesn’t matter if you know that mostly you find answers from their own used words when explaining the problem). There is a thin line of difference being a manager and a leader, and I think that difference is indeed brought in by EI.

Decision Making: Not only for yourself, but for others as well. How about interpreting facial expressions of your parents and deciding that you actually have to take some time off and spend quality time with them, or with your wife and kids. How about realizing yourself, proactively, when your team is exhausted from all those mundane tasks, and need a refresher or breather. How about you realizing when your team is already swamped, and that though they are delivering alongside all constraints, but taking up anything new is not going to work. How about deciding that team structure of that critical project, putting right and driven people in right spots. Yes, EI can and does help with all of it.

Relationships: People don’t care for people who can speak a lot, they wish for people who are hearing them. Being a manager, and hearing someone’s (client, peer, family) concern – is something that anyone can do. It’s the steps you take after this stage which decides what rapport you will build with that person and whether the other person will be all game for anything you expect from them in future. Its about being good listener and being a cautious observer, to know scale of the concern and reciprocating at the levels so best resolution is reached, and being honest throughout the process (and if you are the one having the concern, you can ensure that you are honest and same time decide whether your manager is going to do something about it at all, and take your relationship to the fate it deserves).

Tasks Management: A closely knit team gives out best results. It’s a popular saying from my college group, “We will succeed as a group or we will fail as a group”. We used to say that just to convey out strength to each other, and weren’t much aware what truth it holds, till date. Imagine being able to build a team which stands with each other, who learn alongside, and deliver without a fail, who understands client requirements (explicit, and more importantly, implicit) and delivers on the same – no more, no less. No finger is same size in your hand, same goes for your team, all attain different heights – some needing help, and some extending help. Its all about understanding what gets them ticking, and delivering.

Career Growth: Well, what do you expect when you are able to achieve all four points above. I leave it to you to ponder upon and conclude… 🙂

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