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“ Would you be a Glass Washer for me! “

A friend and peer asked me a strange question today. “Look at the guy on front building, washing the glasses. Would you do something similar if I have to drive your carriage from top?” It was indeed a strange question. But a moment of silence and introspection made me realize all he is trying to find is, would you trust me if its to do with your life or mission critical systems.

I replied, “I will do it, if I trust your capabilities, and know that you are good at the job”. Being a good friend might help, but it bottoms out to whether you are good at what you do. He might be a very good friend, very humble and good-to-talk-to, but would one risk his life (read, systems) for relations? It might be too restrictive and avoiding new less experienced people, but its all about trust. If I trust a person for doing excellent jobs even in new unseen situations then I might risk it; but still not if my system is hugely mission critical – talent and proven.


Vikas Rajput (https://vikasrajput.wordpress.com)

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