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China, Fastest Train, Biggest Dam, and Rest of Us

I was day dreaming of impacts Railways have had on a nation’s economy previously. Around the same time, China was telling the world of its growing capabilities and strength in Railways and an excellent renewable energy source. It announced for its fastest train yet on planet and World’s biggest hydro electric projects, all at same time. This is excellent news, and shall be taken as a wake up call by rest of nations.

Our carbon based fuel sources are getting exploited. One need to utilize better of what’s left of them, and do better at utilizing renewable sources. China is getting excellent at both (which cant be said to be bad – they are doing something, Universally at least). Imagine China leading rest of World in this spectrum, and showing the world how to do it and doing it for them as well – in lieu of mammoth amounts obviously. The news and sidelines (read impacts) of it is detailed well here.

All I can say is: admire what they are doing good, and think about it. What you, as a nation, shall be doing. Congrats to People involved in these projects within China and elsewhere! And I wish more such news breaks out, would be thrilled if its from India.


Vikas Rajput (https://vikasrajput.wordpress.com)

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