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Rails vs Air Travel vs Road Travel

I traveled to my in-laws today, using one of the oldest modes of Modern Transportation – Indian Railways. Difference being: I, for first time, was thinking on lines of considerable impact Railways have had on socio-economic structure of our societies. There are many aspects to which Railways have made positive impact. Many of them have (surprisingly) already been well documented online. Some of the quite obvious benefits are:
Most green transport option (railways leaving behind least carbon foot print then road or air transport). Another good insight is here.
– Comfort levels offered at compared prices is far higher when Railways are used (equally true for developing and developed nations)
– Best returns for every drop of fuel burnt (can carry tones and tones of freight, without kind of delays exhibited by Ships)
– Amount of social interaction Railways bring in (imagine yourself sipping a tea / coffee with a small kid playing with his grandpa all the way during your trip – you can call it disturbance at times, but it’s a pleasant sight to most am sure). Moreover, it’s such a massive arrangement, that major Railway Stations can well be considered as mini cities.
– Saves time on long haul travels (if you consider for times spent at airports as well).

More insightful benefits are summarized here. Only small message I had to share was: Use Railways. They are good – for your pocket, for society, and for Environment.



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