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Is it all about 75 Decibels?

Mumbai Police allowed Shiv Sena to hold their Rally with an condition that they will keep noise levels less than 50 Decibels. Bala Saheb and his so called Sainik’s couldnt (wouldnt?) behold that. Bala Saheb thinks “They cant limit our voice!”

Its not your voice Mr Bala, its Loud speakers we were worried for. Its not your voice, its your noise. For your age, we arent surprised that you can barely speak,and write mostly these days in your home run Magazine!

And whats your voice? Corruption? Dowry systems? In house violence? Honor Killings? Development of country, or state for that matter? Your voice is: my smaller relative is getting more popular, I want my another relative to do something to outshine him. Who cares Mr Bala? I, personally, see both as nuisances, be it Shiv Sena or MNS. How many support camps you have run for people hit by Natural Disasters? How many social justice campaigns you have pondered upon? What difference you have made to common man’s lives? What am more surprised for is that Mumbai Police is yet to take some action or even react.

We talk of President Ruling in states like Bihar. What’s different about Mumbai? My small midn is yet to understand difference between a Maoist called Bandh or that called by Shiv Sena where households and shopkeepers are beaten up to participate. We had terrorist attacks in Mumbai. We have Sainiks cum uncontrolled mob running all over in Mumbai. Its one of our Financial Hubs. Multi billion diamond-entertainment-shipping-oil mining-financials businesses are driven and directed out of it. And Mumbai Police is mum for all the odds. Why not turn it into a President run state or country? Is there Political will? Is there any ethical will rather?

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