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Work Life Balance

What’s more important? Your Work or Your Life?

To further that, what’s more important?  Your Work or Your most Dear one’s Life?

We had to face a sad and tough time in these past days. One of my blood Uncle lost his wife (my Aunt). She was dear to me, quite a lot. And she wasn’t keeping too well. A small piece of work was prioritized over her Medical attention requirements –which led to delay in Medical procedures by a day. That delay turned crucial and critical, leaving her unconscious all of sudden. It all happened in quick succession and allied travel to Medical facilities proved an overkill.

I hate the idea of offloading my emotions in open. But it was one of those shear moments which a sensible human shall control – but our illusioned preferences overrides, leaving us with nothing but sorrow. What work can be more important than one’s life (provided you are not amongst a noble Doctor or Defence Personnel). What work can be so more important for taking away rightful time of our’s, from none other than our loved one’s. And if one of them leave this abode all of sudden, we regret if we could have spent more time with them. There is no “more time”, there is no “could have”. Moment is now or never.

If you think you are not around or below poverty lines of your country, think again on why you are over working. One might have financial targets – but whom will you benefit with those achieved targets? Imagine for a second you achieving your targets – and loosing your Beneficiary – your most loved one – one who should be getting everything after you have left this world. Open your eyes. Be diligent on reasons whenever you run into a stretch. At every single instance. Challenge yourself and your authorities on what’s the priority. Over work is unavoidable at times, but it cant be every now and then. If it is happening regularly, tell yourself that you are standing with unskilled Managers and people. If you are Manager yourself, go and take some Time Management and Expectations Management courses. If you cant stand your timelines, you are missing something basic.

Every hour more you spend in office is an hour less you spend with one you value most in this world. There are numerous parents and spouses who know nothing more than your nature of work only – they care for none – but they care for you all along, one who was a child, then started working and is too workaholic to ignore health as well. They care for your health, for your well being, for your balance in life. And for heaven’s sake, be with the person when you are at home, and not with the Newspaper or the TV ! If you are among those living afar from your most loved one’s, call them, message them, tell them “You care for them and you miss them” – no fancy words, no fancy hesitations – say that in plain simple mother tongue of your’s. I still regret I never said it all when I was in UK for an year, away from family – only I can do is try best to overcome that while am here – in person. And if there is just one person reading this, so moved to be immediately speaking to his / her loved one’s – then I would think I have achieved another balanced Life!

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