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Skill or Practice?

Yesterday a news flashed which took my attention.
Legendary Wasim Akram commented on Indian Cricket Teams recent defeat.
Young Indian Players are spoilt

Essence was:
These players have skills. But they are spoilt!
Not exhibiting Caliber. Not Practicing!

Skill vs Practice!?
Ultimate question which so very remains ahead of Corporate and Professionals. There are many sections within IT requiring specialized skills (e.g. DBAs), and many skilled people to fill them. But yet there are very few Experts. What’s missing?

Practice! Practice of the art that we have skill for. This is as appropriate for myself, as for some of the probable readers reading this note.

Skill is good-to-have, but not a must-have (atleast for some trades). Moreover, an earned skill perish if its not practiced.

Practice is a must-do. Think about it. And Act (read Practice).

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