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New Year Resolutions; do they work?

For some, Yes. And for some more, No.
For me, dont know yet. Because I never made one… ;-D

This time around, am on some changes spree. My scenarios and life has changed, and so are my circumstances (for good). So thought why not to try making some commitment to self in form of Resolutions and see if I can reap some benefits.
Why Online? Because
a. I wish to keep them open and wish to use fear as advantage. Nobody would wish to fail in front of so many people! AND,
b. Because I wish to re-liven my blog. I will try turning it as my personal knowledge bank / lynch pin to Internet resource.

So, without much more unspecific scribes, here is my resolution.
I will try best to work on ABC traits of self, i.e.
A. Adaptability
B. Branding
C. Clarity

Here’s why…
You live in the moment. You don’t see the future as a fixed destination. Instead, you see it as a place that you create out of the choices that you make right now. And so you discover your future one choice at a time. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have plans. You probably do. But theme of Adaptability does enable you to respond willingly to the demands of the moment even if they pull you away from your plans. You expect sudden requests or unforeseen detours. They are inevitable. Indeed, on some level you actually look forward to them. You are, at heart, a very flexible person who can stay productive when the demands of work are pulling you in many different directions at once.
Above are not my own words, but from Gallup Management Journal on Adaptability. Though this is true for all, even for the best of Market honchos and technicians. Tech Specialists are debating on being Specialized or Generalist. I think I would agree with what James Luetkehoelter has said here. Its all about how adaptable you are, and which will keep you afloat, and in demand!

Doesnt matter if you agree with it or not. But you are a brand in own self. Some people picks you just by knowing you walked in, some simple discard you on your face. Companies or clients hire you or leave you just for what you are. Period. Whatever you say, or write, or live, or love, or hate, or behave, or react to, or express, or breath; what you do and what not – contributes to a brand YOU! Does people come to you with a problem to talk and whine about it, or do they come to you and discuss for a resolution; does your opinion count; is your presence inevitable to team (and god helps if your answer is Yes!).
I would wish to consider the intricacies of being a better brand (this blog is probably this year’s first step towards it).

This word has deep meanings for me. This word got me my first job after my college. This has helped me every single time I made a decision and kept this word with me in my thoughts. And I failed miserably whenever I missed on remembering it! If you are ambitious, one got to have this key with you. AND its more needed if you happen to be a Production DBA… ;-D

It has to be Specialization… though I will keep that to me, and will gauge self on that by end of year 2010.

I would hope I get to stick to my resolutions, and wish themeword continues to be my light house….
If you happen to know me, and if you believe at some point I missed my traction to what I resolved above, please please please write to me, give me a kick, but please do something. I will be thankful, I promise!

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