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A weekend ride… Thank You, DTC!

It’s not surprising for me to be seeing office over a weekend. I have done it quite many times in past too; at times for work, for clients, for Hiring and for trainings. But there was reason for why this weekend visit of mine was different (and, less important). It happened for an unprecedented reason – my Laptop’s Power Adapter. But it has turned out to be something memorable, for fact that “journey” itself was unprecedented.

I carried my personal laptop to work on the previous day, i.e. Friday. And I simply forgot its Power Adapter back in office when I left for the day. Not to say; I have got heavily dependent on my machine off-late. It hosts my data, my “three” database servers, my suite of virtual machines (carrying varied versions of OS), my entire software repository, my books and don’t know what all else.

But still; is that THE Big Deal?! Laptop’s have got batteries too.
Well; indeed, and yes. But I have a “loving & caring” younger brother too, who prefer chatting over my laptop in night and so he can fall asleep in front of it… 🙂

So there goes off my batteries (or those of my laptop) with my brother showcasing the care on Friday night. Guess it shall be fine; I have another desktop too to work with – I thought. But as what generally happens with a poor soul like of mine, it proved to be another “guess”, only. I realized what all am going to be missing. I carried myself till around 11AM, all fine; to reach a conclusion that I need to get my laptop back alive, immediately. For that it would need Power Adapter, and for that I would need to get to my office, at my own obviously (no CG Transport at rescue today). Now, with things going all a different way, I decided to do it differently; all the way! I decided to take the public transport; so to move with the unknown masses, and yet walking alone – just like the old days way, when I was in college. Though I had my doubts, and any Delhi’ite will be aware of them. Unending wait for the “nice & empty” bus; crowd & the hustle; traffic and guess what not. So be it, let’s do it – I said.

I was all set by around 11:15AM, and I started stepping forward. I took an Outer Mudrika by DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) from my place to Dhaula Kuan. It was a new bus with almost all the seats in good condition I think, producing not much sound (or noise) to be precise. I reached Dhaula Kuan, the place where I was about to get surprised for the first time on this day.

After around 5-7 minutes, I saw a bus approaching and carrying a “Karol Bagh – Gurgaon” signboard. But it looked different, and I wasn’t sure if I shall board it. It went past for me to notice that it belongs to DTC’s interstate transport service; I hence boarded it. And Voyela!! It was way too different from inside – different from what I always knew about them; seats arranged in a different fashion (vertically and horizontally), over-head handle bar having leather straps at different spots so standing commuters can hold them, windows being wide and airy, and above all, Public messages talking of AIDS, Tax and Respect to Elderly (rather than those seat is reserved messages). I bought a ticket and grabbed a seat which was facing the one for Ticket Conductor (another different view from older buses) and got seated. Seat was different too; different cover, styling and cushion. I enjoyed the ride; bus was quite spacious with good vents and airy. It didn’t stumble on a bumpy patch of the road; it was turning up fine without making people swing like rotten fruits in brisk air wave. I reached around my office space in 30-40 minutes, got off the bus and walked up to reach my office and desk. I logged in to check my e-mail, signed in to my chat engine to find none of my close one’s up online. I thus logged off, grabbed up much needed laptop adapter and here I was, heading back to my place – walking the roads yet again.

I reached the NH24 to find & grab another DTC bus (again) to head back for Dhaula Kuan. It was a normal bus, more normal to what we (or me atleast) are accustomed to. Though, there was nothing very fancy (or even outrageous) about this bus to talk about. I reached Dhaula Kuan in no time. I got off the bus at the traffic signal itself (before Dhaula Kuan) to catch another bus from right in front of DRDO’s Golf Club at Delhi Cantt (I personally love this place, specially from the times when I was in NCC to be reaching this place couple of times along with my Commanding Officer).

While I was relaxing a bit amidst of lush green of Delhi Cantt, I could see another surprise approaching me. I will be honest; till this moment I didn’t felt this day to be a very good experience – even after that ride from Dhaula Kuan to Gurgaon. But I was definitely carrying a pleasant smile with me now. What I could see was a low-floored bus, pleasantly painted in Green & carrying that familiar DTC symbol, approaching the point where I was standing. It stopped right in front of me, and I boarded it after confirming its going to my place. Levish & pleasant, these were the only words which came to me when I saw its interiors. I bought a ticket for my place; Mr. Conductor handed over the “electronically printed” ticket to me and appended it with one of his smile. WHOA!! I don’t know, but guess this was the first time in my life that I saw a DTC conductor serving with a smile. What shall I say about the ride, it was as good as if riding in the air; smooth. The entire interior was light gray’ish in shade, very pleasant indeed as it was going very fine with wide open & transparent glasses and view from outside. For all good, I was overwhelmed and bowled over. But, it didn’t have had a lavatory; otherwise I surely would have compared this bus with those of National Express which run all over the England. Our own local version of National Express; guess so (though don’t know if they will ever go the online-booking, and sitting-capacity-only route).

Well, the journey was over in no time; leaving a mark behind. I cherished it for sure, thanks to DTC. Though the day left me wondering, and with a few thoughts & expressions. There are things around us which have really moved on. It’s probably just that the pace has been constant & slow for us to realize the change. Anyways; I have never been into such “much thinking” characters anyhow, so am back over to my laptop now. Wondering, when will these buggers like of ORA-0600 go off my world of databases? 😉

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