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The End of DBAs!

Kind of Scary start; but well, that’s how the Editorial Blog started off over http://www.sql-server-performance.com. Yesterday, I came across an interesting statement on an Editorial blogpost where Peter Ward shared a view on Cloud Computing and how it can impact a (SQL Server) DBA by actually diminishing this trait or profile over a period. I wont say that it was amusing at all to me. Reason is obvious; by far, am a DBA too!

I was actually pondering upon it, did some google’ing and looked around on how things have been in past over similar technical shifts in the trade (Web Hosting is a classical example). Cloud Computing did seems to be posing a threat initially. But eventually it turned out it will bring more opportunity than the risk. It has its own set of problems, and that’s what Administrator’s are for – to solve them. As it always is in IT, its matter of upgrading yourself and aligning self to what’s the need of the hour.

For me, DBAs are here to stay. Terms might change, Acronyms might differ, but character will remain and sustain. Here’s the link to Editorial Blog and my view to it.

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